Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Panerai Carbon Fiber Watch

Here I believe that many people still remember, in the year of 2015, Panerai launched the PAM00616, which is made by the Carbotech carbon fiber composite materials, which was a big surprise in the watch field, this kind of material is unique, and it can be said to be the first to apply it in the advanced watch production. In May of last year, the Panerai brand on the DIVE INTO TIME show in its headstream fiorentina, again showed a Luminor Marina new product that used the same material, which is this PAM00661 watch that is introduced in this paper, and it is highly praised because of its excellent appearance.

According to official data: the Carbotech material in order to make this wrist watch components, carbon fiber is compressed with high pressure under the high temperature that has been controlled, and it adds polymer polyether ether ketone (PEEK), stick together with this kind of composite material, to make it more solid and more durable. Depending on the structure, the mechanical properties of Carbotech is more superior to those similar material or other materials (such as ceramic and titanium) that are used in watchmaking industry. Carbotech is lighter than the weight of these two kinds of materials, and more able to withstand the impact of the outside world, and will not cause allergic reactions, and it is also not easy to be corroded.

Thus, the extraordinary achievements that brought by Panerai on material innovation is essential. When you touch this replica watches quality, you will find that the dumb black surface has extremely rich simple sense, the texture is very good-looking, and each wrist watch will present a different texture because of the different cutting way so as to be the unique existence. All in all, you will find big changes on the branded new Luminor Marina watch case.

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