The Uniqueness Of Rolex Cellini Moonphase

First introduced in 2014 , the Rolex Cellini collection includes models with complications such date display and dual time. But only minor changes have been made since them. This year Rolex goes one step further and presents a fascinating moon phase model. The Rolex Cellini Moonphase — a watch that features a patented, astronomical moon-phase function, a meteorite-appliqué moon, and an Everose gold case.

The Rolex Cellini Moonphase is Rolex’s newest entry in its dress watch line. The addition of a moonphase marks the first time the brand has included that complication since the 1950s. The moonphase complication will remain accurate for 122 years without adjustment, according to Rolex. It tells the current lunar phase with a blue disk carrying an empty ring and meteorite appliqué moon.

The 39-mm case of the Rolex Cellini Moonphase is made from Everose gold, a proprietary alloy that mixes gold, copper, and a touch of platinum, and sports a polished finish. It features the double-domed, fluted bezel that is a hallmark of the Cellini collection, a domed, solid screw-down caseback; a domed sapphire crystal with nonreflective coating on both sides; and a screw-down crown for a water-resistance of 60 meters. The Cellini Moonphase has a white lacquer dial with a blue enamelled disc at 6 o’clock showing the full moon and the new moon, the former depicted by a meteorite applique and the latter by a silver ring. The moonphase is read via the indicator set at 12 o’clock on the subdial, as the full moon and new moon rotate through the lunar cycle. The date can also be read using the numerals on the edge of the white lacquer dial.

Though not large, the case is large enough, giving it a reassuring weight in the palm. And the strap is attached to an 18k Everose gold Crownclasp, essentially a proprietary Role folding buckle, which further adds to the heft of the watch. This is also the first replica Rolex Cellini model ever to be held on a brown alligator leather strap with a folding Crownclasp in 18 ct Everose gold. Inside is the calibre 3195, a self-winding movement with a 48-hour power reserve and blue Parachrom hairspring.  The watch is priced at $26,750 and carries an international five-year guarantee.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Branded New Rolex Sea-Dweller Watch

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fake rolex watches

As early as 1967, Rolex launched the first Oyster perpetual sea-dweller diving watch. Over 50 years, each new products of the series are adhering to the excellent waterproof function and unique Oyster structure design, and it has been one of the ideal diving watches in the watches fans heart, and it is also regarded as a professional diving timepiece of the legendary. In 2017, at the prestigious Basel Watch Fair, Rolex once again in this legendary series pushes the new sea-dweller watch to the climax, the size of the case is enlarged and fused into two new elements, so that it is full of charm to show its unique luster, to be one of the most outstanding masterpieces in the Basel World. Here, we are to take a review on the new Rolex Sea-dweller watch in the follows.

For the first time fuses the single red words and blister into the modern Rolex sea-dweller series

Rolex for the first time fuses the two classic design of the brand into the new Rolex sea-dweller watch dial, one for the SEA-DWELLER brand series red characters mark in the bottom of the watch, and the bright red for the dial adds a touch of color beauty, highlighting the Features of the Rolex brand Sea-Dweller watch series, and paying tribute to the first generation of Sea-Dweller watch. The second design is the Rolex date display magnifying glass, the earlier Rolex sea-dweller diving watch has no calendar magnifying glass, because the depth of the diving and the mirror material restrictions of the Rolex sea-dweller watch, for the safety considerations, it did not apply the Rolex date display magnifying glass. Until the blue crystal glass mirror is popular today, the strength is no longer a problem, so the join of the Rolex date display magnifying glass not only is the expansion of the calendar function, but also the signal of the brand that enhances the quality.

Rolex day date replica is also here for you to consider on buying replica Swiss Rolex watches from online stores.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex Watch Clockwork Spring

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replica rolex submariner watches

In the world, wearing Swiss Rolex Copies has become a symbol of successful person status. Rolex is respected by people around the world, and deeply loved by watch collectors. Or love the exact, or appreciate its elegant, or love its durability. Today we introduce the related problems about winding up a Rolex movement, I hope we can help you.

Whether it is automatic Rolex watches or manual Rolex watches, its precision cannot equal to quartz watches. But if get up early and wind up 30 times to your watch every day to keeping the watch of sufficient kinetic energy, we can guarantee the watch time is accurate.

Rolex mechanical double hairspring provide accurate guarantee for Rolex watches. Double gossamer also known as Breguet hairspring, it is invented by the masters Breguet.The traditional flat hairspring in the process of vibration, due to the effect of pile and the speed needle fixing structure, the gossamer’s expansion – contraction action is not concentric. Eccentric motion will interfere a lot the vibration cycle, thus affecting the accuracy of travel time. Double gossamer can make the hairspring balance wheel hairspring system be eccentric development in sports which improve the travel time accuracy of the clock. In simple terms, the inner of flat hairspring end is fixed in the inner pile, and the outer end is fixed on the outer pile; double gossamer’s inner end is also fixed on the inner pile, the outer end is bending around then install in the pile.

Problems of Rolex mechanical date adjustment

The first gear of watch crown is the adjustment of week and date, the second is to adjust the time.  At first, if the hour hand is the second half circle, and the time is between 8 o’clock to 1:00 in the evening, don’t adjust the date, this may damage the date transmission gear. At the beginning, adjust the time out of 10 and -2 point. Then began to poke the knob to adjust the date, for example, today is 26, you have to put the date to 25.Then poke out again, adjust the pointer, make the date jumped to No. 26.And then transferred to the correct time.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Cartier Watches

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cartier santos 100 replica

The “Watches and Wonders” exhibition assembled more than ten top watchmaking brands including Cartier. With excellent technology and great achievements made in the field of watches, Cartier has become one of the most concerned focus of the exhibition. In the exhibition, Cartier shows the classic chronograph, High Jewelry watches, Fine Eatchmaking, Ronde Louis Cartier and the new men’s watches. The unique style of these competitive chronograph indicates the a long and rich watchmaking history, incomparable watchmaking technology and the creative watchmaking concepts of Cartier.

The unique designs of very series of Cartier show the brand’s achievement and persistence in watchmaking technology and arts: the High Jewelry watches use the selective precious gems, which shows the statues of ” the jeweler of kings, and the king of jewellers”; Ronde Louis Cartier shows the unparalleled creativity with rare traditional crafts; the Fine Eatchmaking shows the amazing creativity and technology with the complex and precise mechanism structure.

Except for the recent watches, Cartier also shared their 100-year watchmaking history and unique style legend, and explore with guests  of the source of inspiration for design and exquisite workmanship of advanced watchmaking. As its name implies, this replica watches swiss will unveil the mystery of time and explore the true meaning of time in this deeply representative world of watches

Rotonde de Cartier: the alligator watch with agate cameo

Watchcase: 18K platinum

Watch dial: 18K platinum, natural agate alligator cameo

Movement: Cartier 8452 MC manual upper chain mechanism movement, engraved with Geneva seal, equipped with floating tourbillon, the “C” shape tourbilloon frame has the other function of second hand indicator.

Watch back: transparent sapphire crystal watch back, limited edition of 30 pieces.

Rolex Is The Most Perfect Watch In The World

Why so many people want to buy a Rolex watch? Here are some reasons: Rolex is a well-known and trusted brand of luxury watch; Rolex watches are jewelry for men; People wear Rolex watches to feel good about themselves; People wear Rolex watches to show other people that they are successful; People appreciate the artistry that goes into Rolex watches,ect.  It seems that Rolex is the most perfect watch in the world. Its exquisite design, excellent performance and brilliant history become the elements for us to enjoy this brand.

Rolex was the first company to produce a water-proof watch. It was also the first company to produce a wristwatch that had an automatic movement and a calendar. Since then, the company has continued to make noteworthy strides in superior watchmaking, inventing new materials and techniques which improve their iconic designs. As a result, the Rolex brand is valued higher than any other watch brand and their watches hold their value incredibly well.  Some of its best collections are the Rolex Explorer, GMT Master II, and Datejust,ect. You do not have to be wealthy to have a wristwatch. There are replicas for these Rolex timepieces, which will help you save lots of money.

Each model of replica Rolex watches are so amazing that you will love all of them. No matter which watch you choose from replica Rolex watches, you will never regret. In fact, all these wrist watches are made of high-end materials so that the quality will be guaranteed. The Datejust replica and Lady-Datejust replica are what you could call the flagship models: they have so many options that they can fit anyone’s aesthetic and lifestyle; nor will these models ever go out of style. The Submariner replica and GMT-Master II replica are Rolex’s most popular sport models, aside from the Daytona replica. Both models have great histories and can fit most of the occasions.

Rolex has long been the standard of accurate, reliable timepieces as well as the mark of distinction on the wrist of any man. Swiss replica watches, being the same as the real Rolex, manage to show off kind of unique beauty to everyone who loves fashion. No matter what the most popular Rolex styles, choose what fits your aesthetic above anything. With your perfect Rolex replica, you will be more confident and look good.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Two Metal Bracelet Watches

Blancpain Classique Series 6654A-1127-MMB Watch

Watch diameter: 40 mm

Watch thickness: 10.94 mm

Movement type: automatic mechanical movement

Case Material: Stainless steel

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch reviews: Blancpain Classique series watch applies the 40 mm steel case and the metal material bracelet. Stainless steel Mille Mailleswa mesh texture bracelet is very soft and comfortable when wearing, and it is very fit. On the white dial, the moonphase display at 6 o’clock position is most eye-catching, on the blue background plate, the Blancpain unique moon face on both sides were decorated with a silver star. At 12 o’clock position there sets with a week and month display window, inside the three-dimensional Roman numerals time scales, there are the date numbers from 1 to 31, and it indicates the display date with the central blue steel pointer. The replica watches quality is equipped with Cal. 6654 automatic winding mechanical movement, which can provide 72 hours power storage.

Audemars Piguet royal oak series 26331ST.OO.1220ST.01 watch

Watch diameter: 41 mm

Watch thickness: 11 mm

Movement type: automatic mechanical movement

Case Material: Stainless steel

Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Watch reviews: Audemars Piguet royal oak series chronograph applies the 41 mm steel case and also the metal watch bracelet. Stainless steel bracelet is solid yet elegant, and it is matching with “AP” words folding clasp. On the blue dial of this Audemars Piguet watch, it is engraved with “Grande Tapisserie” large plaid decoration, and it is inlaid platinum material fluorescent three-dimensional time scales, with rhodium color sub-dial. At 3 o’clock position there sets with a 30 minute chronograph dial, at 6 o’clock position there sets with a small seconds dial, and at 9 o’clock position there sets a 12 hour timer dial, at 4:30 o’clock position there sets with date display window. Audemars Piguet royal oak series 26331ST.OO.1220ST.01 watch is equipped with Cal. 2385 automatic winding mechanical movement, and it can provide 40 hours power storage.

The Classic Cosmograph Daytona – Ice Blue Look Model

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, introduced in 1963, was designed to meet the demands of professional racing drivers.”Daytona”is a memorable name which has created a legend before it has a thousand and one links with Rolex basic classic style. It all started in the early 20th Century in Florida, the United Daytona beach. The natural circuit of the beach at the entrance to the beach is extraordinary, attracting many people from all over Europe and the United States to compete with other racing-drivers. In March 1935, Daytona, the British driver Malcolm Campbell hit an average of 445 kilometers per hourwhich is the highest speed record at that time. Significantly, this “speed king” had been wearing the Rolex oyster watch from the beginning of 1930s.

In 1963, the first generation COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA was launched. Now Rolex launches this model after 50 years, some Rolex Daytona Replica can achieve the tech. The Oyster bracelet is a perfect alchemy of form and function. Made of platinum, Oyster Perpetual COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA 116506 has a beautiful ice blue dial. Rare and precious, platinum is striking for its silvery whiteness and vibrant luminosity. It is among the densest and heaviest metals in the world, distinguished by unique chemical and physical properties such as exceptional corrosion resistance. Especially, it is also soft, elastic and highly malleable, which makes machining and polishing especially difficult, demanding an extremely high degree of skill. What’s more, Rolex watchmaker also perfected the mechanism to suit the ideal finger pressure on the pushers, and engineered it to provide an instantaneous and accurate start to the timing without sacrificing reliability. Like all Daytona Model, the Ice-Blue face model is equipped with calibre 4130; a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. This model is equipped with Rolex proprietary Parachrom hairspring which offers greater resistance to shocks and to temperature variations.

And like all the legends, the success of COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA kept mysterious. An excellent watch for world racing-driver, the COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA is a compelling timepiece of evolutiondesign that blends to perfection technological sophistication and ease of use. For half a century, COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA has created its own legend. Every year in January, the drivers came to this race. Many of the world’s excellent endurance racing drivers believe that Rolex COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA is still the highest honor. With its highly reliable chronograph and bezel with tachymetric scale, it allows drivers to perfectly measure average speeds up to 400 kilometres or miles per hour, as they choose. An icon eternally joined in name and function to the high‑performance world of motor sport.

Baselworld & SIHH 2017: Our Favorite Watches So Far

Every year, two big watch fairs – or exhibitions – are held in Switzerland. One fair is Baselworld( in Basel ), the other important watch fair is the SIHH (in Geneva). All novelties and product launches will be displayed at these fairs, it is a fantastic experience to be there and experience the dynamics of the world of watches. With SIHH and Baselworld done, it’s safe to say that watch brands have released most—if not all—of their new models for the year. So with that said, it is a good time to pick our favorite 2017 watches.

1. Hublot Big Bang Moonphase

Replica Hublot watches   celebrate its love for colour with the indigo blue Big Bang Moonphase. The iconic 42 mm tonneau case underlines the beauty of this monochrome complication. Six o’clock draws the eye to the moon phase presented in a round window, the skeletised hands let the intriguing dial take centre stage. A blue alligator and black rubber strap adds the finishing touch. Powered by the HUB1770 skeleton movement, the watch has a power reserve of 50 hours. With this timepiece Hublot presents a truly indulgent complication.

2. The Rolex Cellini Moonphase

You had the Rolex Cellini Moonphase (hands-on here). As far as I know, this was Rolex being more playful and “expressing themselves” versus producing something totally practical. We finally see a moonphase complication come back at Rolex in 2017, which fans have been waiting for since the 1950s. It can be safe to say that the Rolex Cellini Moonphase is the first moonphase from the crown in over half a century. What’s more, as you’d expect from Rolex, this modern take is not “just” a moonphase complication, it’s astronomically accurate for 122 years.

3. Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 42mm

Typically 44mm in diameter, for 2017 Panerai has created a slightly smaller, 42mm version of its popular dive watch known as the Luminor Submersible. It demonstrates a trend by Panerai to maintain its historic DNA, but to also improve and refine its product line while appealing to more people. The good looks and durable design of the Submersible endure and will be more wearable for more people. And it’s also among the more affordable, relatively speaking, of the new sport watches at SIHH 2017.


Follow Our Baselworld 2017 Coverage Here Beginning March 21

Follow Our Baselworld 2017 Coverage Here Beginning March 21

Follow Our Baselworld 2017 Coverage Here Beginning March 21 Shows & Events

Baselworld 2017 is almost here, and beginning March 21st, aBlogtoWatch will be checking out the newest watches from brands like Rolex, Omega, Tudor, TAG Heuer, Breitling, Bulova, Seiko, and many, many more, from the biggest names to the cool independents.

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Follow Our Baselworld 2017 Coverage Here Beginning March 21 Shows & Events

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Panerai Carbon Fiber Watch

Here I believe that many people still remember, in the year of 2015, Panerai launched the PAM00616, which is made by the Carbotech carbon fiber composite materials, which was a big surprise in the watch field, this kind of material is unique, and it can be said to be the first to apply it in the advanced watch production. In May of last year, the Panerai brand on the DIVE INTO TIME show in its headstream fiorentina, again showed a Luminor Marina new product that used the same material, which is this PAM00661 watch that is introduced in this paper, and it is highly praised because of its excellent appearance.

According to official data: the Carbotech material in order to make this wrist watch components, carbon fiber is compressed with high pressure under the high temperature that has been controlled, and it adds polymer polyether ether ketone (PEEK), stick together with this kind of composite material, to make it more solid and more durable. Depending on the structure, the mechanical properties of Carbotech is more superior to those similar material or other materials (such as ceramic and titanium) that are used in watchmaking industry. Carbotech is lighter than the weight of these two kinds of materials, and more able to withstand the impact of the outside world, and will not cause allergic reactions, and it is also not easy to be corroded.

Thus, the extraordinary achievements that brought by Panerai on material innovation is essential. When you touch this replica watches quality, you will find that the dumb black surface has extremely rich simple sense, the texture is very good-looking, and each wrist watch will present a different texture because of the different cutting way so as to be the unique existence. All in all, you will find big changes on the branded new Luminor Marina watch case.